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  Since 1981, outdoor research has been built in Seattle for many award -winning outdoor clothing and equipment.We insist on using outdoor research unlimited guarantee ? warranty each product.Find out how we were born from the research leadership of the founder Ron GregG & RSquo, and found the origin of our first product & NDASH; mountaineering rifle, modular gloves and GeEr Tax hat & ndash; in our story.Discover our roots in the manufacturing industry, the heritage of tactical gloves we made in the United States, and our reactions to COVID-19, with the development of masks and medical-grade personal protection equipment.Using recycling materials to understand our product process, how we implement the safety and well -being of the workplace and our commitment to everyone and the earth.Certain some of our community members who create security in community partnerships and ambassadors, access and fair outdoor space.We are glad to let you join the team and find your occupation in outdoor research, and become your best outdoor clothing for men and women, including Tang jackets, raincoats, sun hats, ski jackets, necks, to the out, ParakraHusband, face cover, hiking and climbing clothes, hiking riflers, flag bearers, extension and size, manual clothes, head clothes and outdoor equipment, including bags and suitcases.

Aquaspro Neoprene High Cut Boot

  Aquaspro club rubber high -cut boots

  Thickness: 5mm


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  Thickness: 5mm



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Redington Escape Wading Pants

  sizeWaistInSeamshoe size


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Men’s Fly Fishing Jacket

  Smake towards the river bank, casting a ruthless hair rain, so that the beauty of fishing and release is on the way back: the waterproof waterproof coat of Sims is armed, in the full day of flying fishing, you will be in a happy place.EssenceThe solid, lightweight and breathable three-layer GORE-TEX? or TreAay? fabric structure combines a great coat packaging wind and rain and comfort.You will appreciate the cuffs that are not flooded and designed to make the water layer under the arm.Do not worry -our flies fishing waterproof waterproof jacket also provides sufficient storage selection and versatility of the hood, which can be locked on the cost of the cost.Complete your flying fishing suit or wear jacket around the town. Simms wading jacket is designed!

The Best Fly Fishing Gifts of 2022

  Home ?Outdoor? Hunting /Fish ?The best flying gift in 2022

There are many niche projects in specific areas or species.If you are not familiar with the fisherman in life, you have to use or target what you use, then it is difficult to find the right gift.

  Nothing is worse than the frightened disappointment appearance, followed by forced: "Oh. Thank you?" Yes.

  Whether you are looking for fast socks, or you can buy the money to buy a kayak, we can help you find the equipment that will definitely please the fishermen in life.

  ORVIS flight kitORVIS flight kit

  Tie flies are beneficial.Even for those fishermen who are throwing flies throughout their lives, you feel that you have tied your own feelings.Orvis Fly -Witch Tying Kit ($ 198) brings everything that fishermen need to start.

  This package provides great gifts for experienced flying fishermen and people who just started.If you have a child who has just entered the fishing world, then this is a great activity kit that allows them to be busy in the long winter.Or, if you happen to have a fisherman who absolutely has everything but does not have your own fly, this is a safe choice.


  The best way to fish fisherman.Yes, we went there.

  The regulations of the vision line create the most beautiful jewelry and accessories for fishermen and various hunters.From leather bracelets to Shot shotgun cuffs, almost every outdoor activity has something.Each art from catfish to elk is obvious.

  This is one of the gifts that stand out from others.This is definitely a statement, and it will cherish, especially any fishingman in your life.

  tenkara Rodtenkara Rod

  Tenkara fishing is such a pure thing.It is very suitable for beginners, but is cherished by professionals.This is a starting way, and it is also a way to return to basic knowledge.Simple is where it is.

  Regardless of whether it is the newcomer to the water or all the old chronograph, the Beartooth kit ($ 225) of Tenkara Rod Co. is an epic gift.This is one of the fields of flying fishing in their lives.

  It has everything you need. You can throw it into the day backpack with a super compact package, hunting bag or staying in a truck to get possible disassembly opportunities.

  Antique company brown and skiers in 1958Antique company brown and skiers in 1958

  Let us real: these diseases.In this year’s IFTD show, Cordy’s fish art is cool.Each work is unique, and Coo finds old -fashioned license plates from the place where he imitates the species.

  If you want a brown catfish made from the old Montana plate, yes … he can do it.

  This is not a tacky gas station art.This is a customized art, which is worth showing off at home. Every flying fisherman I know wants to have one.

  Korker darkhouseKorker darkhouse

  Korkers is the best wading boots.How about introducing?The reason why we say so is because … yes.

  For each changing conditions, BOA shoelaces and exchanges of the sole are purchased for thousands of years.When the soles are worn, change the sole instead of boots.It has cost -effectiveness, environmental awareness, and the most practical way to put your favorite boots in water.

  With the wading of men and women and the winter boots, Coks has anything that may be needed on your list.

  Orvis shirt flying fishingOrvis shirt flying fishing

  You can wear a good fishing shirt to the office, so fishing becomes easy after get off work.Orvis made a precise style of a shirt.

  Pro Stretch long -sleeved shirt ($ 129) is exactly the favorite of these parts, but honestly, all the fishing shirts of ORVIS are practical and practical.Any of them is suitable for the desk of the directors and the river bank.

  These are not the lowest fishing shirts there, but they are high -quality, comfortable, durable and durable.These shirts are indeed designed for fishermen, with lens cleaner on the front sewing and buckle buttons.

  The idea of looking for more gifts?here you go:

Outdoors Breathable Wading Pants with Boots

  Function: -Light -lightness -more flexible in the water, more flexible in the water, and spending less. You can wear warm clothes and hiking more comfortably.It is easy, the internal pockets with linked hooks and loops can store your belonging. When you bend over and hunt, you do n’t have the opportunity to fall.With your balance control.-Mestion -This durable water -related device can be used in many cases, such as fishing, hunting, farm work or other chaos.Adjustable belt, pants and legs, loose clothes, abrasion -resistant not sliding insoles, seamless connection, seamless connection


Fridays on the Fly: 5 Must-Have Pieces of Gear for Fall Fly Fishing

Friday immediately: 5 pieces must have the gears that fly in autumn

  Ah, welcome autumn. Occasionally the time of fishermen from the year is separated from the daily separation. Tourists and residents with clear weather cleaned the weather, making the season the most promising, and brought quite a lot of catfish to those who dedicated to handicrafts. Most mountain towns and towns across the country are the same, so I let those who are willing to endure elements here want to put the "wall -mounted suspension" into five essential equipment when going to kill the monster brown monster Brown Whether you are in Abbarachia or Alaska, this fall.

  1) Simms Half Finger glove

  Screen-Shot-2015-10-30 -AT-1.14.10-PM

  Semi -finger wool gloves. Now there are many fishing gloves that are too high in the market, but in fact, any pair can be done. As long as you have the warmth of wool and the freedom of fingertips, you will be set for obvious reasons. With a kind of wool, if it is wet and wet, it is easy to dry -the above SIMMS model is made of 100 % Merrust Cow. Some more than once, I saw a man calling it a day in advance because their hands were frozen. Even under suspicious conditions, you are always very smart with you, unless you want to sit on a truck to drink beer, until everyone comes back to show you all the big catfish photos on the iPhone.

  2) Rio catfish versileder

  rio_versileader_1.5IPS_1024x1024I don’t know you, but when I hit the river, I only carried one pole. Therefore, for me, it must be Versaleder when fishing in autumn. The sinking part of the leader is very good for the rapid changes between the nymphs and the ribbon. I usually fix a tip of about one or two feet at the end and put it in the box when the change is changed. The cycle of the cycle connection can make your floating line very convenient, super connection, and can be reused … If you want to switch into the approximate, just remove the loop and put it back to the box. I use Rio de Janeiro, but ORVIS and other companies can do the same thing or similar things.

  3) Simms Hyalite Rain Shell

  Hyalite-rain-shell-out_s15- (1)


  This should be given by autumn (especially autumn) anywhere in the country. However, sometimes, I have seen a man go out in a sunny morning, wearing a cotton shirt under the wading shirt, and then when the rain burst, they will be frozen and humid. The way to go is to find very lightweight things, which can be reduced to small size without giving up the rainproof and dexterity required to wear the jacket through the woods. I wore a SimmMSHYALITE jacket. It is an ideal choice for packaging rain shells, but there are dozens of brands and styles to choose from.

  4) Orange flies

  DSCN9013It seems that the big brown catfish is aggressive for almost all orange things. In autumn, most of my pocket boxes are composed of ribbons and nymphs, including some orange. Usually, I found that they were the most successful in cold weather. If everything in the report fails, just start throwing orange to ’em.

  5) Liberation

  Beer (1) Beer (2)

  Some sturdy dark beer or whiskey are used as effective alternatives. Maybe there is only me, but I think there is nothing faster than a good porter, or when I claim it on a cold day. Not to mention that more determination and patience often need to be successful when fishing in autumn. Usually, you are targeted at big fish … In autumn, a few hours between fish, and even endure terrible skunk. At least, if you strike … you still caught something (buzzing).

  [Divider] About the author [/Divider]

  Josh Roberson is a fanatic fisherman and ski who currently lives in Bozeman, Montana. He is a catfish/ski ass that speaks to himself without apology. He spent a lot of time to sort out the river in the southwest of Mongolia, with Burly brown, rainbow and local Cutthroat catfish. Follow Josh on the Instagram of @montanatlanda!

Fridays on the Fly: Tenkara USA Releases New How-To Book

Friday immediately: Tenkara USA published a new operation book

  Daniel Galhardo, the founder of Tenkara USA, published a new book, and it is full of skills, skills and little -known secrets -about seven years ago to bring Tenkara to the American man.

  Daniel discovered Tenkara during a mountain trip north of Tokyo in 2008. Although it was well known in Japan at the time, Tenkara did not even pay attention to the radar of the American fly fishing industry.

  Daniel was already a ten -year flight fishing veteran when he picked up the Tenkara rod for the first time, but about this method of talking to him, he soon regarded it as a superior substitute for traditional Western flies fishing. Essence

  Daniel in "Tenkara: Tenkara’s Complete Guide: Tenkara’s Complete Guide: In the Japanese Guide of the Japanese, after years of repair lines and unlocked them from around my legs, I realized what my fishing lack: simple. How to fly fishing. A declaration on the simplicity of fly fishing ""


  "With Tenkara, flying fishing is very simple and there is no restraint. Tenkara brought back to my childhood fishing memories. I am more effective for this simpler fly fishing form than the flying fishing I know."

  After the initial Japanese trip (a country he visited every year), Daniel was fascinated with Tenkara’s simplicity and simplification. In fact, he was so charming that he caused his life to bring the fishingman who brought Tenkara philosophy to the border of Japan.

  Entering Tenkara USA, Galhardo was established in 2009. Soon after, he fate to the mountain journey north of Tokyo. This is the first American company that not only sells Tenkara’s equipment, but also sells the history behind the technology.

  Since then, Tenkara has caught like wild fire. Now, flying shops across the country have carried Tenkara USA products, and companies centered on Tenkara have appeared again.

  In this book, Daniel broke the simplified fly fishing method. He tells how he began in the Tenkara world, how to change his fly fishing career forever, and outline the charming history of Tenkara -people think that this is a history of 600 years.

  From there, he studied Tenkara technology in depth, from the basic knowledge of flies and Tenkara equipment that he landed on the fish on the drill without scrolls and mastered all the contents of different casting methods.

  The entire book is full of illustrations of the book illustrator Jeremy Shellhorn and the QR code. They link readers to the corresponding operation videos on tenkarausa.com.

  Whether you are an experienced Tenkara fisherman or participating in this sport, Galhardo’s books are necessary.

Fridays on the Fly: How the EPA is Threatening Clean Water Fisheries

Friday immediately: how EPA threatens clean water and fisheries

  During his tenure, Scott Pruitt, the head of EPA appointed by Trump, began to promote an anti -environmental agenda. Except for other, the agenda will reject the key guarantee of the nation’s mind and wetland.

  Since then, he aims at clean water by trying to demolish the Obama era regulations called "clean water rules" or regulations in the waters ruled by the United States. Pruitt’s EPA tries to revoke the rule to ensure the protection of 60 % and 20 million acres of wetlands of the U.S. river mileage.

  The revocation of it will not only adversely affect the vitality of American business and leisure and fisheries, but also can make up to one -third of Americans’ drinking water directly in danger.

  At the Professor of Environmental Law and Policy of Yale University, Daniel Esty, while reviewing the law on the law of Donald Trump in February, Yale University Professor Daniel Daniel Esty will face greater pollution under a narrower federal clean water rule. "This will be less protected by some critical water resources. "

  Critics such as Esti believe that the Trump administration’s try to withdraw the rules of cleaning water is based on the fundamental economic analysis. The analysis depends on the statistical data of the outdated economic recession and assumes that it is protected Brain knowledge and wetlands do not have the economic benefits of the US economy. When you think that the annual consumer spending of about $ 887 billion in outdoor leisure economy, the latter conclusion is particularly unbearable.

  If you value the clean water you like, streams, lakes, and wetlands, then you still have time to hear your voice. EPA must receive public comments until August 28, 2017. You can comment on this convenient table of the people at theodore Roosevelt Conservertagon PARTNERSHIP. Don’t forget to leave personalized information, indicating that pollution will damage the way you like fishing holes.