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Fridays on the Fly: How the EPA is Threatening Clean Water Fisheries

Friday immediately: how EPA threatens clean water and fisheries

  During his tenure, Scott Pruitt, the head of EPA appointed by Trump, began to promote an anti -environmental agenda. Except for other, the agenda will reject the key guarantee of the nation’s mind and wetland.

  Since then, he aims at clean water by trying to demolish the Obama era regulations called "clean water rules" or regulations in the waters ruled by the United States. Pruitt’s EPA tries to revoke the rule to ensure the protection of 60 % and 20 million acres of wetlands of the U.S. river mileage.

  The revocation of it will not only adversely affect the vitality of American business and leisure and fisheries, but also can make up to one -third of Americans’ drinking water directly in danger.

  At the Professor of Environmental Law and Policy of Yale University, Daniel Esty, while reviewing the law on the law of Donald Trump in February, Yale University Professor Daniel Daniel Esty will face greater pollution under a narrower federal clean water rule. "This will be less protected by some critical water resources. "

  Critics such as Esti believe that the Trump administration’s try to withdraw the rules of cleaning water is based on the fundamental economic analysis. The analysis depends on the statistical data of the outdated economic recession and assumes that it is protected Brain knowledge and wetlands do not have the economic benefits of the US economy. When you think that the annual consumer spending of about $ 887 billion in outdoor leisure economy, the latter conclusion is particularly unbearable.

  If you value the clean water you like, streams, lakes, and wetlands, then you still have time to hear your voice. EPA must receive public comments until August 28, 2017. You can comment on this convenient table of the people at theodore Roosevelt Conservertagon PARTNERSHIP. Don’t forget to leave personalized information, indicating that pollution will damage the way you like fishing holes.