Fridays on the Fly: Tenkara USA Releases New How-To Book

Friday immediately: Tenkara USA published a new operation book

  Daniel Galhardo, the founder of Tenkara USA, published a new book, and it is full of skills, skills and little -known secrets -about seven years ago to bring Tenkara to the American man.

  Daniel discovered Tenkara during a mountain trip north of Tokyo in 2008. Although it was well known in Japan at the time, Tenkara did not even pay attention to the radar of the American fly fishing industry.

  Daniel was already a ten -year flight fishing veteran when he picked up the Tenkara rod for the first time, but about this method of talking to him, he soon regarded it as a superior substitute for traditional Western flies fishing. Essence

  Daniel in "Tenkara: Tenkara’s Complete Guide: Tenkara’s Complete Guide: In the Japanese Guide of the Japanese, after years of repair lines and unlocked them from around my legs, I realized what my fishing lack: simple. How to fly fishing. A declaration on the simplicity of fly fishing ""


  "With Tenkara, flying fishing is very simple and there is no restraint. Tenkara brought back to my childhood fishing memories. I am more effective for this simpler fly fishing form than the flying fishing I know."

  After the initial Japanese trip (a country he visited every year), Daniel was fascinated with Tenkara’s simplicity and simplification. In fact, he was so charming that he caused his life to bring the fishingman who brought Tenkara philosophy to the border of Japan.

  Entering Tenkara USA, Galhardo was established in 2009. Soon after, he fate to the mountain journey north of Tokyo. This is the first American company that not only sells Tenkara’s equipment, but also sells the history behind the technology.

  Since then, Tenkara has caught like wild fire. Now, flying shops across the country have carried Tenkara USA products, and companies centered on Tenkara have appeared again.

  In this book, Daniel broke the simplified fly fishing method. He tells how he began in the Tenkara world, how to change his fly fishing career forever, and outline the charming history of Tenkara -people think that this is a history of 600 years.

  From there, he studied Tenkara technology in depth, from the basic knowledge of flies and Tenkara equipment that he landed on the fish on the drill without scrolls and mastered all the contents of different casting methods.

  The entire book is full of illustrations of the book illustrator Jeremy Shellhorn and the QR code. They link readers to the corresponding operation videos on

  Whether you are an experienced Tenkara fisherman or participating in this sport, Galhardo’s books are necessary.